Subdivision:PENKHUS MOTORSFiling:
Project Name:PENKHUS VOLVO/MAZDATax No:74241-04-048
Plan No.:AR MDP 03-00212-A3MN10Zone:C6Overlay:UV
Major Streets:MOTOR CITY DR
Front Yard Setback:DPMax Height:50'
Side Yard Setback:DP
Rear Yard Setback:DP% Lot Coverage:DP
Comments:*** A3 and MM01 Verify DP prior to BP**** A1(04) revises carwash, adds display pads, parking & lighting rev. A2(04) boiler room addition for snowmelt system, revised parking. July 25, A1 photometric plan is the approved plan to be used!!!!!! A3MN10 - Entry improv. MM01 - Landscape.

For further informaton, please contact the Development Review Office @ 385-5982