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Address:327 E RIO GRANDE ST
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Plantrac Reviews

Date In Date Out Status Reviewer Contractor Comments
New04/16/20214/16/2021 3:58:00 PMAMPFApproved site plan attached.
New07/28/20207/31/2020 11:57:00 AMAMPFstamped plans were included
New10/08/201910/15/2019 10:01:00 AMAMPFApproved DP was included as part of the plan - The DP matches Arch. drawings except for: 1. outdoor lighting was updated on the south side of the building and 2. bollards next to trash enclosure were removed. Both will be updated on the DP without an amendment.
New09/16/20199/20/2019 12:11:00 PMDMPFApproved plans from zoning were not included. 7th review with same comment. Please resubmit only if you have the Stamped plans for 327 E. Rio Grande.
New08/26/20198/28/2019 12:58:00 PMDMPFApproved DP is not in the roll
New03/19/20193/21/2019 9:04:00 AMDMPFApproved site plan not attached to documents. Applicant wanted to subdivide into two lots for finance purposes. Is that still the plan?
New01/11/20191/17/2019 1:53:00 PMDMPFApproved Development Plans were not attached.
New10/18/201810/19/2018 12:18:00 PMDMPFZoning applications are not approved yet. Resubmit with stamped plans once they are approved.
New07/25/20187/27/2018 4:44:00 PMDMPFDevelopment and Concept Plan have not been approved yet.

For further information, please contact the Development Review Office @ 385-5982.