Subdivision: Flying Horse 6/32Filing: 1Subdivision Number: 7084
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Address:2387 COYOTE CREST VW
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Plantrac Reviews

Date In Date Out Status Reviewer Contractor Comments
Rem04/06/20214/12/2021 2:10:00 PMADFFApproval of SFR 768 sqft addition - The approved addition is for storage/workshop and shall not have vehicular access from the existing garage. Any openings shall be intended only for walk-through with typical doorway access. - Service door for the storage area only. - Service door is for access to the storage area and is not intended for vehicle access. - New lot coverage: 12% - All setbacks met.
Rem03/23/20213/26/2021 3:39:00 PMDDFF"Golf Shop" does not constitute as a use type and use types associated with "golf shop" are not allowed in residential zone districts. If this is the use you are implementing than there may be cause for denial. Definitions can be found in Chapter 7, Article 2 of the City Zoning Code at and the use table is in Chapter 7, Article 3, Part 103. If homeowner is proposing this to be an addition for a "living space" for a residential unit than garage door will need to be removed as proposed garage is violating zoning standards. If you would like to schedule a pre-application meeting for a variance please visit the aforementioned web link provided.
Rem03/06/20213/11/2021 1:18:00 PMDDFF7.3.105 (C) Carports And Garages Single-Family: A maximum of one thousand two hundred (1,200) square feet per unit with garage doors for no more than four (4) cars. Storage: The space within a garage or carport shall not exceed one thousand two hundred (1,200) square feet unless a storage space not to exceed four hundred fifty (450) square feet has been incorporated into the structure.
New10/17/201310/23/2013ADMTCOPPERLEAF HOMES

For further information, please contact the Development Review Office @ 385-5982.