Subdivision: BROADMOOR BLUFFS ESTATESFiling: NASubdivision Number: 381
Business Name
Address:420 CARDIFF CR
DP No:Zone:R19Overlay:CR HS
Required Landscape:Fire Codes:FUELS/A-ROOF

Plantrac Reviews

Date In Date Out Status Reviewer Contractor Comments
Rem05/05/20215/7/2021 5:47:00 PMAKLSHOMEOWNERapproval of retaining wall; no wall > 6' permitted within accessory structure setbacks -10' from rear and side identify this wall on separate hillside site plan permit submittal
New04/20/20214/23/2021 2:42:00 PMDKLS1. Covered porch cannot encroach into 25' front yard setback; adjust and show minimum distance of 25' to front property line 2. Show beginning grade/finished grade values at each major corner (is there a table coordinated with the called out numbers shown?-include on site plan; these numbers should relay and match on elevation drawings 3. retaining walls > 4' need to be structurally engineered and separately permitted and under review through Regional Building Department prior to this approval (*walls in rear exceed 4') 4. Elevation drawings need to show/label existing grade lines and finished grade lines on 4 elevation drawings with values that coordinate with what is shown on site plan. Also show max allowable height envelope measured from existing grade on each elevations drawing (35') 5. Include the geohazard disclosure statement on site plan (emailed template to applicant)
New03/25/20213/30/2021 10:27:00 AMDKLS1. Revise Hillside Site Plan to address comments noted on the checklist, emailed to contact 2. Address comments from SWENT, if any. 3. Include an approved geo hazard report (currently under re- review-must sign/notarize and officially record an approved geo hazard report with indemnification letter, which City will provide, and include recorded document in its entirety with building permit resubmittal) If you have any questions, please contact Kerri Schott at
New03/26/20073/28/2007DDMTRW STOUTDO NOT PERMIT!!!!!!!! The builder/geo-haz applicant, Bob Stout, informed me that he is not going to proceed to build on this lot. Geo haz file is on wall here art DRE. Do not permit this lot until the geo-haz been accepted by the city and until the CGS bill is paid.
Preapp01/18/20071/22/2007DDMTrevised geo-haz sent to City Engineering
Preapp11/20/200611/27/2006DDMTRequires a geo-haz study. Met with owners to discuss HS issues.

For further information, please contact the Development Review Office @ 385-5982.