Subdivision: PARKSIDE AT MOUNTAIN SHADOWSFiling: 5Subdivision Number: 2993
Business Name
Address:5446 MAJESTIC DR
DP No:Zone:PUDOverlay:HS
TSN:7315 - -
Required Landscape:Fire Codes:

Plantrac Reviews

Date In Date Out Status Reviewer Contractor Comments
Rem04/12/20214/12/2021 2:37:00 PMAKLSHOMEOWNERapproval of basement remodel for AFS; affidavit and covenant forms were notarized/recorded and included with building permit; City does not regulate HOA covenants; no change to existing footprint
Rem04/05/20214/6/2021 9:45:00 AMDKLSHOMEOWNERThis basement remodel requires AFS affidavit and covenants to be included with building permit resubmittal. Both documents to be signed/notarized AND recorded by property owner. No change to existing footprint. Please note: City staff does not regulate HOA covenants
New04/30/20135/2/2013AEKMApproved for new single-family residence.
Add09/05/20029/5/2002AMKMADD DECK

For further information, please contact the Development Review Office @ 385-5982.