Subdivision: SABLE CHASEFiling: Subdivision Number: 437
Business Name: MOBLEY MARIA D
Address:2020 SILKWOOD DR
DP No:Zone:PUDOverlay:
Required Landscape:Fire Codes:

Plantrac Reviews

Date In Date Out Status Reviewer Contractor Comments
Rem04/06/20214/7/2021 10:24:00 PMADFFHOMEOWNERApproval of 121 sqft deck > 8' in height. All setbacks met. New lot coverage = 36%. Deck approved for encroachment of rear yard setback per City File No. AR NV 19-00138.
AR04/01/20214/1/2021ADFFHOMEOWNERSection 7.3.104.A: to allow a deck replacement with a rear setback of 11 where 20 is required.
Rem02/12/20212/17/2021 11:31:00 AMDDFFHOMEOWNERDeck encroaches into 20' rear yard setback. Please request a pre-application meeting at
Rem02/12/20212/26/2021 9:52:00 PMDDFFHOMEOWNERApproval of variance pending.

For further information, please contact the Development Review Office @ 385-5982.