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Plantrac Reviews

Date In Date Out Status Reviewer Contractor Comments
Rem05/04/20215/7/2021 5:39:00 PMAKLSASPEN GOLD GEN. CONTR. & ENG.approval of 484 sf attached garage to existing home and detached pergola 252 sf; meets setbacks and lot coverage
Rem04/20/20214/23/2021 4:59:00 PMDKLSASPEN GOLD GEN. CONTR. & ENG.1. PE stamp required on hillside site plan 2. Is there an existing garage converted into a gym? Is proposed garage the only garage space now? Confirm TOTAL garage space and garage door car entries 3. Elevations of garage need to show the height from existing grade to the peak 4. ** an approved geo hazard report is required for the pool; once prepared by a geotech engineer; contact for 3 week City Engineering and CGS review separate from permit review. An approved geo hazard is required for permit approval
New03/25/20213/30/2021 1:02:00 PMDKLSREARDON CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISES1. This lot is within streamside overlay. Pool appears to not be within the outer streamside buffer zone but confirm with note and show outer buffer boundaries in rear of lot on hillside site plan 2. Show drainage patterns; indicate with arrows and show in legend 3. Are you proposing a shed or structure for pool equipment? If so cannot be within side yard setback 4. Identify or note what trees will be removed 5. Include hillside certification statement sign/date 6. Address comments from SWENT, if any. Will get comments to applicant, if any. 7. Per previous review comment: Due to the land disturbance with construction of in ground pool and lot within CGS landslide susceptibility area, a lot specific geo hazard report is required to be prepared by geotech engineer and submitted to for City Engineering and CGS review. Approved geo hazard required for permit approval. Questions regarding geo hazard requirements contact
New12/22/202012/28/2020 4:45:00 PMDKLSREARDON CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISESinsufficient hillside site plan for inground pool. sent contact on file, hillside site plan checklist, to include grading and drainage. Contact to determine level of geo hazard requirement for this inground pool

For further information, please contact the Development Review Office @ 385-5982.