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Business Name: WARNER N THOMAS
Address:2727 N CHELTON RD
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Plantrac Reviews

Date In Date Out Status Reviewer Contractor Comments
Rem04/14/20214/16/2021 9:59:00 AMAAMOapproved per AR NV 21-00140
Rem09/22/20209/23/2020 11:21:00 AMDAMO-Lot falls within CGS Landslide Susceptibility layer, Geohazard Report will likely be required -Proposed carport and workshop does not meet 35' rear yard setback, additional applications will be required -existing lot configuration would require a waiver of replat to accommodate any new construction -please schedule a pre-application meeting at the link below to discuss with a planner

For further information, please contact the Development Review Office @ 385-5982.