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 System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned.


Review DateStatusComment(s)
Attention***** 2015 IFC B105 FIRE FLOW REQUIREMENT: Size of Bldg. ----- sq ft Construction Type ------ Fire Sprinklers Y----- N----- Required GPM: ----- gpm Minimum # of hydrant(s) required: ----- Max AVG spacing between hydrants: ----- ft Max hose lay: ----- ft
FYI*****FIRE FLOW/HYDRANT REQUIREMENTS MET: On this site fire flows are ---- gpm, and the numbers of hydrant(s) are ---- based on a THEORETICAL/ACTUAL Report. This site, based upon the provided theoretical modeled fire flows, appear to meet the minimum flow requirements and/or the number of hydrant(s) for this structure.
FYIPRIVATE FIRE HYDRANTS: Private fire hydrants shall be recorded with the title at the Clerk and Recorder's Office
FYI2015 IFC TABLE C105.2 HYDRANT PAINTING REQUIREMENT: Fire hydrants shall be painted in compliance with the adopted fire code. By using this scheme, emergency response crews are provided a quick way to decipher how much water is available.
FYI*****2019 NFPA 14: 6.4 FIRE DEPARTMENT CONNECTION: The fire department connection is located on the --WEST--- side of the building and is within --100--- feet of a fire hydrant.
FYICONTACTS FOR FLOW TESTING HYDRANTS PUBLIC/CITY OWNED HYDRANTS: Contact SEAN HIGBEE, CSU at 668-4595 or via email at to schedule an ACTUAL flow test. Be sure to provide them with a CSFD plan review number to include with their flow reports. CSFD need not be present when City Utilities flow tests hydrants as we will accept their reports. PLEASE ALLOW 1-2 WEEKS NOTICE PRIVATE HYDRANTS: A contractor capable of performing the test will be required as CSFD Inspectors WITNESS only. CSFD will not accept flow test results we have not witnessed.
FYIFIRE FLOW TESTING - NEW HYDRANTS: 2015 IFC 3312 All actual hydrant flow tests shall be conducted and witnessed by CSFD prior to the start of construction or the arrival of combustible material on site. It is the responsibility of the owner or their designated representative to ensure an approved water supply is provided.
FYIFIRELINE INSPECTIONS: State regulations mandate a certified fire inspection conduct both a Visual inspection and the hydrostatic and flush tests. Be sure to call us out early to conduct a visual inspection prior to the fireline being buried.
FYI*****SCHEDULING INSPECTIONS Please call 719-385-5982 Extension 2 to schedule all construction related inspection activities. Due to the dynamic nature of inspectors schedules, PLEASE call your inspection requests with at least 5 business days lead time to allow scheduling. When calling, please have your complete CSFD plan review number(s) ready for each inspection request. ( i.e. 2013-1234 - HS-1) The CSFD Approved sets of plans are to be on site for all inspections.
FYIPLAN REVIEW/PERMIT FEES All fire department fees are to be paid prior to issuance of any permits. These fees must be paid directly to the Colorado Springs Fire Department - Development Review Enterprise - at 2880 International Circle - Suite 200-7.
FYIDEW REVIEWER CONTACT: If you have any specific questions or concerns about these comments, please feel free to contact me at: Doreen "Dee" Withee, PE Fire Protection Engineer II, CSFD 2880 International Circle, Suite 200-7 Colorado Springs, CO 80910 (T) 719-385-7361
4/6/2021 FYI*****This project is: U Haul new building. 6843 Corporate Drive: new self storage warehouse This plan review is based on the requirements found within the adopted edition of the International Building Code, International Fire Code and the related standards.
FYI*****SCOPE OF WORK: Utility Service Plan for a new building
Disapproved*****(DISAPPROVED) COMMON DISAPROVAL ITEMS: See the following checked items for disapproved comments. Additional explanation to these items may be provided in comments following: ---X-- Fire flow report from CSU with map has not been provided.
Disapproved*****(STANDARD COMMENT) DISAPPROVED COMMENTS The following information and/or corrections are needed prior to completing a full plan review. Please respond, in writing on letterhead, to each of the following comments: 1. Relocate the FDC to the address side of the building. 2. Is the hydrant shown new? Is this a private hydrant? Also review the disapproved plans for additional written comments prior to submittal of new plans.
FYICORRECTIONS All corrections and comments are to be submitted back to CSFD in writing, or provide submittal sheets/drawings, etc as requested, to complete the review. Corrections are not accepted over the phone, via fax, email or verbally.
FYITHE DISAPPROVED ITEMS MAY NOT CONSITITUE A COMPLETE LIST OF VIOLATIONS. It is the responsibility of the design professional to conduct a complete re-review of the plans for additional violations of the adopted codes/standards and incorrect information prior to resubmitting.
FYIREVIEWS: 2015 IFC 105.4.4 Colorado Springs Fire Department plan reviews are based upon information provided on the drawings and/or the attached reference material. Issues or features that are not presented within the construction documents are assumed to be complaint with applicable codes/standards. It is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that minimum code requirements are met as established by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, whether or not the requirements are specifically indicated on the submitted construction documents. The CSFD has reviewed the submittal in accordance with the adopted fire code requirements, CSFD local amendments, City Code Standards, and applicable NFPA Standards. All plan review comments are subject to final on-site field inspections, and testing by the CSFD. Review and approval by the CSFD shall not relieve the applicant of the responsibility of compliance with the International Fire Code.
FYIRTP REVIEWER CONTACT: If you have any specific questions or concerns about these comments, please feel free to contact me at: Roland Peterson Senior Fire Inspector, CSFD 2880 International Circle, Suite 200-7 Colorado Springs, CO 80910 (T) 719-385-7369

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